Monday, July 30, 2018

Principles: Life and Work.

Today, I finished listening to the book: Principles: Life and Work Ray Dalio writes and talks in a familiar voice, but with the authority of a self-made billionaire who made also billions to others. You can see Ray's the genuine enthusiasm and interest to teach what he has learned -- mistakes, lessons, and principles. Core ideas for managers (my summary): 1. Every manager is an organizational engineer. Understand, architect and debug the organization to engineer outcomes for the company & community. 2. Focus on getting to the true picture of reality and face it. 3. Own responsibility for the outcomes. 4. Idea meritocracy. Do everything possible to get and iterate over good ideas to understand reality and iterate. He has tons of principles, suggestions for every aspect of management, decisions, etc. This book almost acts like an execution guide to my favorite book on management: The Goal.  I recommend this. He has published summary audio/video as well. I haven't watched them yet. hashtagmanagement

Searching JSON: comparing text search in Couchbase and MongoDB.

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