Friday, December 27, 2013

NoSQL Nirvana... A Wish List.

The feature demands for NoSQL databases are increasing, many of it to catch up or merge the ones already in RDBMS. Here's the holiday wish list for a NoSQL Nirvana database.

NoSQL Nirvana = SQL API+
            NoSQL API +
            Graph Database 
            Flexible Schema +
            Spatial +
            Timeseries +
            Text Indexing +
            Hybrid Access +
            Distributed Joins (and optimizer) +
       ACID Transaction +
       BASE support+
       Scale UP (SMP) +
       Scale out (web-scale, MPP) +
       High Availability & Seamless Failover +
       Mostly self-tuned & managed +
       Tooling for SMP & MPP (stats,admin,archive) +
       Storage (compression,row,columnar) +
       Business Intelligence Tools +
       In-Memory database +
       In-Database Analytics +

A Deep Dive Into Couchbase N1QL Query Optimization

[Reposting of the article published with Sitaram Vemulapalli on DZone.